What is the reputation of stretch film?

114 Published by admin 5月 19,2018

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Which is a good reputation for stretch film? “Shengxing Packaging” specializes in the production of transparent tape, sealing tape, stretch film, PP strapping, L-shaped paper corner, U-paper corner and other packaging materials, is a transparent tape manufacturers with 12 years of experience in the industry. Now we have established long-term cooperation with Lenovo, Great Wall, Wal-Mart, Amway and other well-known manufacturers. Welcome to inquire: 0755-25840256
Stretch film classification:
1, hand stretch film: is the use of hand-packed way, this type of stretch film in general, the lower the quality requirements, the weight of about 4KG in order to facilitate the operation;
2. Machine stretch film: This type of stretch film is mechanically packaged and driven by the movement of the goods to drive the film roll to be packaged. There is a certain requirement on the elongation rate of the tensile strength, and the general requirement is about 300% elongation; the product roll weight is general 15KG;
3. Pre-stretched film for machine use: This kind of stretch film is used for arming and packaging. When packing, the packaging machine stretches the stretched film to a certain ratio and then winds it on the goods that need to be packed. The resilience of the film is used to shrink the goods. , High product quality requirements, with high tensile strength, elongation and puncture resistance.

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What is the reputation of stretch film?

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