Sealing tape function

191 Published by admin 5月 19,2018

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The sealing tape?is mainly composed of polypropylene film and pressure-sensitive glue. The sealing tape has a thin thickness, good performance and price ratio, transparent appearance, double-sided adhesion, non-toxic, tasteless, and good safety. Convenient, high efficiency, high anti-buffering strength, good retraction, puncture-resistance, tear-proof performance, etc.

What is the role of the box of adhesive tape?

Sealing adhesive tape is widely used in industry and life. In industry, most enterprises can use sealing adhesive tape, mainly used for sealing and protecting products. During the production and packaging process, sealing adhesive tape is used. To the great effect, the sealing adhesive tape can package the packaged product and seal it well so that the product will not be scattered. It can also protect the product during the transportation process because the sealing adhesive tape has strong anti-stabbing and stretch-resistance, and can seal the sealed product in the process of transportation, and it can be delivered to the customer. The product is intact on the hand.

Sealing adhesive tape has a very important role in industry. What role does sealing tape have in life? In life, sealing tape has become a part of life. Sealing adhesive tape plays an important role. Sealing adhesive tape can be used to stick a picture on a wall and the painting can be fixed in a place on the wall. Can also be used to stick the hair on the ground, sometimes the broom can not sweep up, you can use the sealing tape to stick the flowers on the ground; can also be used as a rope to mention things, such as: mentioning fruits, vegetables and so on. Has a very important role in life.

The most used sealing adhesive tape is packaging related companies, hardware stores, wholesale markets, express delivery, logistics, food factories, garment factories, etc., need to pay attention to the tape width, length, viscosity, color it can give companies a lot of benefits.

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Sealing tape function

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